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Stop your Anger!

Do you get Angry? Well that might not be the appropriate question because everyone in the world does get angry. Different people react or respond differently to situations. Now firstly... 

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What is Life of Excellence?

This is not a Personal Development Website. Life of Excellence is the Inner Journey to Personal Excellence. This is a Life Transformational Website. Its time that you start grooming your mind too and not just the outer self. Unless an individual decides to CHANGE, whatever be the kind of skills and techniques you learn will be insufficient to make a difference in the quality of your Life!

Where does this Change come from? A realization is all its takes to Change your Life. The change of Life is an Inner Journey. The heart, soul and mind in tandem decide what, when and how to Change. A small difference in the way we operate our mind and the inner self can make a huge difference in the quality of our lives. Life of Excellence is the race towards bringing about this change.

If you are bogged down with day to day Problems and Challenges that stop your growth in all areas of life, this is the place to be. Life of Excellence will help you to make smart choices in life, break through barriers of success and help you to continuously grown in all areas of life, career, business, health, wealth and knowledge.

Discover Ways to improve your Life! Using Powerful and Proven Simple techniques, Praveen Sherman will share with you the secrets of Success and Excellence. Expert Strategies to Change your Life that can be used immediately is the need of the hour. This being the Vision of Life of Excellence, Praveen’s creates a positive impact in the mindset of people.

Life of Excellence is not for….

If you are looking at a run on the mill techniques, this is not the place for you. If you are looking at shortcuts to success, this is not the place for you. If you are looking at a website to make quick money, this is not the place. I strongly recommend that if you are not keen on changing your life, if you are not interested in taking your life to the next possible level do not spend time on this website. This is a website of people who have the desire and fire to transform their life! If you are lazy and not willing to take action then, be sure that you want to CHANGE and transform by taking Action and participating 100% before you begin to explore this website

I have thousand of hits every day and more than 60% of people write to me on how they use the techniques and strategies and got the right results. Wondering what happens to the remaining? They are passive onlookers who just read and do not participate in taking ACTION. Action defines Success and if you fall in that category of Onlookers, please do not waste your time here.

This is not to discourage you but that the fact of life! If you just dropped into to the website because someone referred you here, it means that they have had an impact in their life because of the techniques learnt and because they put into action. This just means that you too make the same difference in your life as long as you are interested to. So please do so…

What can you Learn at Life of Excellence?

This site will help you to make a conscious decision on how to transform your life. There are 4 broad categories of Personal Development, via Health, Personal, Social and Wealth are covered in Life of which are drilled down further more as Goals, Business, Change, Time Management, Habits, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Emotions, Failures, Focus & Concentration, Subconscious Mind, Inspiration, Motivation, Stress Management and more…

The 4 sections are the the basis of growth. Success is determined by ones own efforts to raise the Personal Standards of Life. Master the art of increasing your Productivity by learning skills and techniques of self development. In this section, grow mentally, emotionally, psychologically and attain a higher quality of Life. An university is where you learn to improve your Life! You can be intelligent and grow logically. Unfortunate that Logic does not help us make decisions. It’s the emotions of life, day to day chores and events. At Life of Excellence, you will make a positive difference in your life, have the courage and belief to attain utmost satisfaction with Success what you deserve!

The moment people visit Life of, many say that “Yes! I have found the place I need to develop personally and emotionally“. As you march towards your Success, if you find some of your friends looking at changing their lives, their relationships and the quality of living their life, then do send them here to Please do not share it anyone and everyone, because I do not recommend so. I wish to have only people who are really serious about taking their life to the next level and who really deserve to improve their life. Use the form here to refer your friends…chat1.png