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Stay Fit Physically, Mentally and Emotionally

February 14, 2008

One of the best secrets of being Fit is going back to basics. Just remember everything what your mom and your grandmother told you when you were young, follow them and you will be a bundle of joy, energy and fitness.

Physically fitness simply means that you need to take good care of your body. The way you control your body definitely determines your power. Going to the gym everyday is definitely one ways. Remember what your grandparents used to when they got old. Take a walking stick and hold each other and walk short distances. This is to keep their energy going, breathe in fresh air and enjoy more circulation in their body. This will keep them at bay and not allowing something to harm them.

You at this age can do more. A walking stick is definitely not a choice for you but you must have to hit the road, run, job, walk do whatever to keep the energy going, keep the blood gushing though your internal systems that need to work in tandem.

Eat well in the right possible way. Remember you mom used to tell you, finish off the vegetables in your place, and eat all the fruits. Its as simple as that. You need to be more conscious about what you eat. While young if you were eating fruits and vegetables as part of your meal, now you can make that your meal once in a while. I am not saying starve yourself and eat only them but you can definitely treat your body for some cleaning. Fruits cleanse your body very quickly. When young you did not learn the science behind why you need to eat the fruits and vegetables and now you must learn them.

Recall what mom told you about junk food J. Cut them out is not what I am telling you, have them in very very small quantities. Let me stress on that… very small quantities. If you think you cannot resist temptation then don’t give a hand to it. Throw the bottles away that consume your energy (I mean alcohol) and never light a cigar anymore. I am sure you don’t need a reason as to why.

Mental fitness is tremendously important. If you feel down and depressed remember that not what you are. You are not a depressed person, your behavior is so. You just need to shift your behavior. You have the choice to focus on whatever you wish to. While many say that Day dream is not so good, I always recommend you to do that. Because you are dreaming of something that you want and something you desire. That radiates positive vibrations in your mind and in turn the body.

Have a specific time in a day when you feel the gratitude for all that is already existing. Thank yourself for what you are, thank the entire world for supporting you, thank the people you know for making a difference. This would mean a lot to you because there is a purpose behind your existence and you will start moving towards the purpose. Recall all the nice things that have happened so far in your life.

You need to be Emotionally charge and fit to take your life to the higher level. There will be challenges along your way but you must have to condition yourself emotionally too so as to handle them with ease. Laugh your heart out. Every day make sure you enjoy a joke. Call your friend and share the joke with them so that you can hear the laugh that would make you emotionally stronger

Remember there are many people who suffer in the world. Recall all those people who do not have shelter, who do not have good food to eat, who suffer to protect themselves from extremes of hot or cold. When you think about these people, there is never a reason for you to get frustrated, get angry or get annoyed.

A secret for you emotionally charge up yourself, is to play games with kids or spend time pursuing a hobby. You will feel more relaxed moving away from stress. Remember stress is more often or not an outcome of fear that something not so favorable will happen or something that you wish may not happen. So distress yourself and play games and have fun.

Whenever you want to condition yourself to elevate the quality of your life ask the question “HOW?” and you would automatically find the solution for whatever challenges you are facing.

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5 Responses to “Stay Fit Physically, Mentally and Emotionally”

  1. Harriet Vines, Ph.D. on February 14th, 2008 9:17 pm

    Mental fitness is more than emotional balance; there is a mind dimension, too.

    Just as you exercise your body to stay physically fit, you must exercise your brain, the “master muscle,” to keep mentally fit.

    An excellent resource is “Age Smart - How to Age Well, Stay Fit and Be Happy.” The Mental Fitness Workout in each chapter offers effective, stimulating, fun-to-do exercises that strengthen the brain and enable readers to shaepen their mental acuity.

    In addition, Age Smart clues readers into the power they have to control the way they live, work, play and age - if they put their mind to it.

  2. definition of joy on June 21st, 2008 11:01 pm

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  3. manuraj on July 25th, 2008 5:32 am


  4. regina on June 29th, 2009 12:35 pm

    i remember when i was 16 and over wt and i was ill for a while i lost about 50lbs
    and i took off from that, and started playing tennis and bowling and walking and jogging. how good i felt. then adult hood came and college and all the studying and no time to pick up my exercising habbits i had. then work came and all the stress of the daily job and when came home so tired and distraught. then marriage came and more stress to please my husband and then family. how to make time for myself and a exersize routine. a friend i work with goes for a three mile walk after work before she goes home. she has lost 17lbs in just a week and a half and she said her stress level has gone way down and she feels much better. just walking wow. know wander god gave us two legs

  5. Subramanian.M on October 3rd, 2011 2:06 am

    Body is the temple and mind is the god.. God will only stay when the temple is neat and clean and perfect.. So at 1st take care of the physical health first. Excercise daily, Do jogging, swimming, play outdoor, walk what ever it may be. Everyone must make up their mind to do it regularly. It will automaticaly make u mentally fit

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