We work with clients around the wold to offer personalized life coaching, specializing in:

  • ”New” Life Direction

  • Addiction & Recovery

  • Exercise & Diet

  • Transition (i.e. divorce; school; career, etc.)

  • Relationship & Social

  • Motivation

  • Well-Being & Happiness

  • Stress or Anxiety

  • Trauma



We offer one-on-one personal coaching as well as group coaching. Coaching sessions are typically one hour and can vary in frequency depending upon the goal you’re wishing to accomplish. Sessions can either be in person or via telephone or Skype.



Our certified coaches have extensive training, including the following certifications: 

  • Life Coach Certification

  • Motivational Coach Certification

  • Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach Certification

  • Advanced NLP Communication Certification

  • Community Counselor Certification from the Southern California Counseling Center

  • Certification from the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy